Denver producer Real Cosby's highly anticipated 4 track EP Gold Braid officially released from Shoeboxx Recordings today. “Heav’n”, featured here, flips rich deep bass with a neo soul swing, setting the tone for this amazing EP’s mixture of danceable beats and unique vocal offerings. Real Cosby once again explores a very uplifting intimate auditory experience with Gold Braid’s relaxing, lush, saturated sound.

Posted by: MsGem
Cover art by: Mario Zoots


4 E V E R 4 G O T T E N

My new duo project, CONGRUENCE, has just joined the Play It Louder family! Here is our exclusive leak from the forthcoming PIL Vol. 3 Compilation.

Enjoy :)


My favorite Chris Moore piece.

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Any JT fans in the house?

Check out my latest exclusive out on Future Haze Compilation II today!


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